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fuark smart-id, had to get one because swedbank stopped issuing those neat cards with a table of codes on them that you used to login and etc. a few years ago ;_;
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>>5 they have to cater to elderly without smart phones, if you deny smart-id you can get a little clicker keychain thing and it's a lot less tracking and annoying, that's what I have, now the globalists only access my bank account by normal means B) also fuck e-id, privacy > convenience
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I've known about that and want one too, but alas too much of a sperg and ultimately not bothered enough to actually go and get one :(
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>>7 just stop being a sperg dumbass
Jānis 06/16/2022 (Thu) 16:17:19 No. 1 Reply
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Estonian bros.. what are you doing? fucking coomers
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