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Jānis 02/12/2023 (Sun) 11:32:09 No. 24 Reply
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what is wrong with these people?
Maps and Data Jānis 06/09/2022 (Thu) 05:08:20 No. 2 Reply
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"A message is mandatory."
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Korean Top Searches.jpg
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>>6 >Latvia penis size >No data They're scared that if it's revealed all women will mass emigrate to Latvia
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capital will become mixed race shithole in next 3-4 years, unless we do something about it
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>>21 Is there any capital in the world which isn't a cess pit? I imagine that even in bumfuck places like Tajikistan or Burkina Faso it's all the same story, at the very least if not by western standards, then in comparison to the rest of country. It is as if such is the weight a capital carries, to be the place where the rest of a country's vileness is sucked into to settle.
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>>22 thats not capitals, thats just the nature of cities as a whole.the more concentrated people are the more tensions the, the more likely your exposed to x% of crime, and it will increase your odds of doing the same.
Jānis 11/07/2022 (Mon) 14:35:49 No. 17 Reply
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The International Balt Jānis 09/03/2022 (Sat) 05:22:50 No. 11 Reply
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>Zvi Yehuda Kook (Hebrew: צבי יהודה קוק, 23 April 1891 – 9 March 1982) was a prominent ultranationalist Orthodox rabbi >Both father and son are credited with developing Kookian Zionism, which became the dominant form of Religious Zionism. >He refused to back away from the antisemitic notion that Jews bore responsibility for Jesus's crucifixion. >Zvi Yehuda Kook was born on the eve of Passover in 1891 in Zaumel in the Kovno Governorate of the Russian Empire (now Žeimelis in Northern Lithuania), where his father served as rabbi and was a prominent local Zionist. >In 1896, his father, with his entire family, moved to Boisk, Latvia, where he ran a yeshiva and served as a parish rabbi. The more you look, the more you learn who REALLY runs the world, controls the economies and the media, and plays both sides. The BALT.
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43.53 KB, 601x799
>Alfred Ernst Rosenberg (12 January [O.S. 31 December 1892] 1893 – 16 October 1946) was a Baltic German Nazi theorist and ideologue. Rosenberg was first introduced to Adolf Hitler by Dietrich Eckart and he held several important posts in the Nazi government. >Rosenberg was born on 12 January 1893 in Reval, now Tallinn (the capital of modern Estonia), then in the Governorate of Estonia (Russian Empire). >Rosenberg is considered one of the main authors of key Nazi ideological creeds, including its racial theory, persecution of the Jews, Lebensraum, abrogation of the Treaty of Versailles, and opposition to what was considered "degenerate" modern art. He is known for his rejection of and hatred for Christianity, having played an important role in the development of German nationalist Positive Christianity. >Heinrich Himmler's views were among the closest to Rosenberg's, and their estrangement was perhaps created by Himmler's abilities to put into action what Rosenberg had only written. >Hitler awarded an inaugural (1937) State Prize for Art and Science to the author of The Myth of the Twentieth Century. The official document accompanying the prize "expressly praises Rosenberg as a 'person who has, in a scientific and penetrating manner, laid the firm foundation for an understanding of the ideological bases of National Socialism'". They play both sides
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>>11 >>12 fucking balts man, literally 1984. >t. balt
Russian Wikipedia Clone Jānis 08/20/2022 (Sat) 03:27:13 No. 8 Reply
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http://en.wikipedia.su/ It's in every language but adds "(Neo-Nazi)" to Ukraine, or "Хoxлятcкoй-" to Укpaины. Also replaces Ukrainian flag with this one.
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domain: WIKIPEDIA.SU nserver: ns1.jino.ru. nserver: ns2.jino.ru. nserver: ns3.jino.ru. nserver: ns4.jino.ru. state: REGISTERED, DELEGATED person: Private Person e-mail: belhak.ru@gmail.com registrar: R01-SU created: 2021-07-12T01:05:50Z paid-till: 2023-07-12T01:05:50Z free-date: 2023-08-14 source: TCI https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Ky6c4yACag8 Weird stuff
Jānis 06/20/2022 (Mon) 19:54:25 No. 4 Reply
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>bosnia is not serbia
Eurovision 2022 Jānis 05/11/2022 (Wed) 01:00:56 No. 1 Reply
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https://eurovision.tv/story/eurovision-2022-how-to-watch Semi-final 1 results: 01. Lithuania - Sentimentai by Monika Liu 02. Switzerland - Boys Do Cry by Marius Bear 03. Ukraine - Stefania by Kalush Orchestra 04. Netherlands - De Diepte by S10 05. Moldova - Trenuleţul by Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers 06. Portugal - Saudade, saudade by Maro 07. Iceland - Með hækkandi sól by Systur 08. Greece - Die Together by Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord 09. Norway - Give That Wolf a Banana by Subwoolfer 10. Armenia - Snap by Rosa Linn Below this line did not qualify 11. Albania - Sekret by Ronela Hajati 12. Latvia - Eat Your Salad by Citi Zēni 13. Slovenia - Disko by LPS

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