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Jānis 06/10/2024 (Mon) 00:36:12 No. 2123
819.91 KB, 1333x960
1.74 MB, 1242x979
lidl is trying to bankrupt our public transport system through monopoly tactics >Jaunais “Lidl” busiņš pilno maršruta apli veic apmēram 30 minūtēs, pieturot esošajās sabiedriskā transporta pieturvietās: “Lidl” veikals – Višķu ielas pietura – 15. trolejbusa galapunkts – Šķirotavas stacija – Ikšķiles iela – Latgales iela – “Lidl” veikals.
>>2123 Why though? Whats the point if regular buses go there too? Can they do it cheaper?
>>2124 >cheaper its free its a free bus to lidl. cheaper is not a question they're wasting money
>>2125 >free buses in Latvia >Estonia cancels free buses in Tallinn Latvia is taking the Best Balt title?
>>2127 we took this title in roughly 750AD
>>2129 > t-baging a shoe
>>2140 you haven't?
>>2142 No, I'm not a Latvian...
533.86 KB, 836x811
>>2127 best balt
>>2152 How is the weather in Latvia? Had some rain and wind?