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370ch is dead (for now) Jonas 12/19/2022 (Mon) 22:11:44 No. 24
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Whenever I try to post, I get redirected to delfi.lt lmao. Pretty funny, soyvininkas, I'll tell you that. Seeing as there are no posts from 3 am of today, I think I'm not the only one with such inconvenience, but who knows...
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whats with the ugly deviant art
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>>25 Looked cute, tbh.
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>>27 That's because /ko/fags don't understand beauty of art, since they've completely fried their prefrontal cortex by cooming to slint eyed midgets.
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>>28 That girls a Japanese dumbass, this is a Korean. I am not a /ko/fag, I just think art involves draw better than a schizophrenic toddler.